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tender tongues

Life Coaching

Would you like to be the absolute best version of yourself? I most certainly can help with that. As a matter of fact, it is an area of expertise for me. Let’s find the best you together.  $250 per session


Career Coaching

Feeling at a standstill in your current job or confused about what comes next? I am certain that I can help you identify your full potential and develop a plan to find the career that helps you fulfill it.  $250 per session


Couples Therapy

Family Therapy

Relationships can be hard work, sometimes so much so that we lose touch with why we got into them. Let me help you and your partner remember and recapture the joy and passion. $250 per session

Sometimes the ones we love make it difficult. I understand, but even more importantly, I value the importance of the family unit and would be honored to assist your family in improving communication and resolving conflicts. $250 per session

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Mental Health Counseling

Mental and emotional wellness is key to a happy and fulfilling life. It’s hard to be your best when your thoughts and feelings are working against you. Allow me to help you sort through them, regain your joy and live with purpose. $225 per session


Gender & Racial

Identity Counseling 

Our identity defines who we are and shapes how we interact with the world around us. For some, this is a bit more complex than others. I personally understand how important it is to be free to be yourself and I can support you in attaining that freedom. $200 per session

Young Man in Therapy

Begin your 

journey to the best version of yourself


D-fine concepts

Racial Equity & Intercultural Competence Training

We live, work and play in an increasingly more diverse society. That requires that our employees and organizations are sensitive to, and inviting of, racial and cultural diversity. My experience as an educator, trainer, and thought partner allows me to support organizations and their employees in growing their understanding of racial equity and becoming more interculturally competent.


Behavioral Health Consulting

As a licensed mental health counselor and seasoned behavioral health professional, I frequently lend my expertise to organizations seeking assistance in this area.  Specifically, I can work with you to increase your scope, improve your practices, and implement targeted changes.


Public Speaking

For more than 10 years I have been a nationally sought-after speaker, on topics that include: homelessness, racial equity and social justice, mental health and substance use disorders.


Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Working in collaboration with, and on behalf of, the community you serve will require effective communication, trust, and reciprocity. My ability to effectively engage diverse communities, elevate their voices and work in partnership make me a valuable asset.


Systems Redesign & 

Innovation Consulting

In our efforts to create a world that is more equitable for all, we must address the racism embedded within our institutions. This includes evaluating our policies and practices, and ensuring that racial equity is embedded in all facets of the work we do. I am able to help organizations evaluate and improve their internal and external practices to be better positioned to be effective in their mission. 


Amplifying and empowering community voices

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