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About Jackie St. Louis

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read more about me. I am Jackie St. Louis, the founder of Tender Tongues Counseling and principal of D-Fine Concepts Consulting. I would like to share with you a little about me, my work, and how I approach it. I am the son of two longtime public servants who I greatly respect, so I too have spent most of my career working for the greater good of the public. My formative years were spent on the island of Dominica in the West Indies, followed by my studies abroad in Cuba for two years prior to relocating to the US. This multicultural background lends itself to my appreciation for diversity and culture. I am a graduate of Drexel University, where I earned a Bachelors’ degree in Psychology, and also of Cairn University, where I completed my graduate studies and training as a therapist. A committed lifelong learner, I am currently completing my dissertation toward attaining a Doctor of Public Administration.

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My history of work in behavioral health includes roles within mental health
facilities, as well as in private practice providing therapy to individuals, couples, and families. The scope of my expertise in therapy includes depression, trauma, relationship/family conflict, marriage, challenges with boundaries and assertiveness,racial and cultural identity, LGBTQI identity, existential issues, career direction, and addictions. I am passionate about the plight of people of African Descent, People of Color, immigrants, and other minorities, as well as being an ally of the LGBTQI community. My work is a source of pride and, though it is results-focused, it is never to the detriment of the therapeutic relationship between myself and the client(s).  
My disposition is that of having a compassionate, approachable demeanor; in this relationship you lead, and I help to guide you toward the outcome that you desire.

I want my clients to treat this process as their own personal journey, with me serving as a guide who walks alongside them. I will provide feedback as is necessary, but I will never dictate the course or the pace of your process. Clients generally warm up to me quickly and I enjoy helping them to learn new behaviors, work on relationships, get greater enjoyment from life, reconcile with daily challenges, and feel better about themselves overall. I am confident in my ability to assist clients in working through their deeply personal issue(s) in a manner that affirms their truths, is respectful, and provides positive regard for their humanity. Therapy with me is a place where clients can bring their whole self.

I look forward to meeting you and welcome the opportunity to support people and organizations on their journey to being the absolute best that they can be.


My consulting practice is rooted in equity, social justice, intercultural competence, and community development. I am passionate about helping communities, especially those dealing with socio-economic challenges which manifest in issues such as behavioral health conditions, crime, poverty and homelessness.


Other areas of my consulting expertise include assisting organizations to improve their anti-racist equity lens; to self-evaluate, design, and implement thoughtful equity strategies; to improve the overall culture of their workplace; and to meaningfully engage the communities that they serve to be more effective in their mission. The approach to this work is informed by my own experience in non-profit and public service leadership—including stints as the Senior Manager of Outreach with the Metropolitan Improvement District, as the Director of Unsheltered Crisis Response with the City of Seattle’s Human Services Department, and as the Homeless Resource Manager with the City of Vancouver, Washington.

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What people have said about their experience with counseling

“My relationship with Jackie has been a lifeline through the past year. I appreciate his consistency and the care he takes to truly understand my particular issues and concerns. He is encouraging and challenging, and I appreciate how thoughtful he was when including my partner in our sessions. His presence in my life has truly been a gift.” 

A – Marriage Therapy Client

Consulting Projects

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King County.png
Communities of Opportunity.png

Pierce County – Hilltop Jobs (2018)

King County - Present 

COO – Baseline Evaluation (2018)

Community of Practice (2020-), Evaluation (2020), Commercial Affordability (2020- Presents)

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The Stability Network.png
Mindful Philantrophy.png

Raikes Foundation – Youth Homelessness (2020)

The Stability Network – Mental Health Initiative (2020- Present)

Mindful Philanthropy – Board of Advisors (2020- Present)


Clark County Washington – Behavioral Health Consultant (2019- Present)


Ballard Alliance – Racial Equity in Urban Place Management (2021 ); Conflict De-escalation (2021)


Alliance for Pioneer Square - Racial Equity in Urban Place Management (2021)

King County Sheriff's Office.jpg
SoDo BIA.png

Tacoma Housing Authority – Arlington Drive Youth Campus (2018)

SoDo BIA - Racial Equity in Urban Place Management (2021)

King County Sheriff’s Office - Racial Equity in Urban Law Enforcement (2021)


Washington State Bar Association (2021)

 Institutional Racism and Lawyer Responsibility 

Sound Transit Logo_edited.png

Organizational Anti-Racism Training(2021)


International Downtown Association (2021)

Consulting Services Reviews

Jackie was instrumental in conducting a community outreach effort to solicit the voices and opinions of homeless young adults, their advocates and community and neighborhood representatives.  Jackie provided insights and perspectives as to the living experience of this population and how best to design a campus to support them in a journey to becoming successful young adults once they moved into Arlington.  Jackie worked to enlighten the staff working on this project with the challenges faced by the young adults.  This resulted in an increased sensitivity to programming, selection of a partner to provide services and training for staff who would be working on a day to day basis with this population.  He consistently brought awareness to social justice and equity issues and stressed the importance of paying attention to these matters in the selection of staff who would be working on the property on a day by day basis.  Jackie is always clear and direct in his communication, which is greatly appreciated.  He brought compassion and insights to every conversation and was brave in sharing his perspective, which may have been contrary to the perspective of others.

Cathy McCormick, Deputy Director Tacoma Housing Authority

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