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A Brief "Healthy Self" Evaluation

Human beings are a combination of many selves. These include:

1. The Physical Self

2. The Emotional Self

3. The Mental/Psychological Self

4. The Social Self

5. The Spiritual Self

We function at varying levels of balance between these selves at any given time. Distress in any one area is often an indication of overall imbalance. For example, neglecting our need for interpersonal connection can result in emotional and psychological distress. And lack of physical exercise can influence the way we view ourselves in relation to the world and that which is within it—causing distress to our Spiritual Self.

As a therapist and life coach, I often assist those whom I guide with bringing their life back into balance. We generally start with this brief assessment:

1. Am I keeping a physical health/exercise routine? Am I drinking enough water, eating healthy, nutrition dense foods and getting enough sleep? Am I receiving and giving physical affection?

2. Am I receiving emotional support? Am I being affirmed and being made to feel safe in my relationships? Am I being genuine about how I feel? Can I freely share my feelings? Am I putting out more than I am receiving?

3. Am I taking care of my mental health? Am I taking time to reflect/journal? Am I taking medication as prescribed or meeting with my doctor/therapist? Am I thinking healthy thoughts about myself and others?

4. Am I connecting with friends, family and loved ones? Am I isolating or retreating? Am I connecting with people? Am I sensitive or insecure about my identity, culture or race?

5. Am I connecting with my faith or higher power? Am I attune to my spirituality?

These questions were designed with the goal of helping to surface the issues which limit an individual's ability to be whole.

Did you have a moment of insight?

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